About us

ŚWIATŁO.net company has been established in 2005, but our experience in providing customers with the best solutions in lighting dates back to 1995 when it was founded FH ŚWIATŁO. From the very beginning out main goal was not only to sell, but also promoting the philosophy of light.

Through its qualified employees and sales representatives to reach a growing group of customers, disseminating expertise on lighting. Our main goal is the desire to meet the needs of often very demanding customers. Their satisfaction is our greatest reward, so we offer the highest quality products, aesthetic, functional and affordable.

The company is always looking for new interesting designs and models of luminaries as well as dynamic staff as needed to expand their cluster and use new ideas. Dedicated departments of design, sales, logistics and administration work for the joint success.

Thoughtful and consistent internal organization of the company improves the work and thus ordered good are immediately delivered to the client. We make every effort to ensure that ordered products reach the customer within 24 hours.

In the highest concern for the environment, our company was registered with the General Inspectorate of Environmental Protection as a collector of used electrical equipment at no E0006988WZ.

We are confident that our company will not disappoint your expectations and you will encounter a professional and friendly service.

Welcome to our new headquarters in Marki near Warsaw.

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